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Friday, January 21, 2011

Road to Austràlia...

El pròxim 3 de febrer començarà la nostra nova aventura a Austràlia! Aquesta vegada anem a viure a Sydney. La nostra idea és buscar treball allí i després viatjar arreu del país i Nova Zelanda.

Més novetats i les primeres fotos d'aquí pròximament!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hola amigos!!!

Has been a long time since my last email. I'm realy sorry about that, but I don't have internet access at home and our day-by-day is very busy.

Lot's things have happend during last 2 months in New Caledonia:

After leaving the 'auberge caledonien' we moved to a sweet studio on a top of a hill, with views over the city center and the lagoon. We rent this studio to a family that is living in the first floor and they keeps this studio for their family that comes to visit them during holidays. As it was empty, we could rent it last 2 months. Great views, close to the forest, calm, cheap. A very good deal! The only problem was that we needed a car to get there. So we bought one :)

We bought Ford KA, 1.4l, at a reasonable price.

- JOBS -
Camille was working almost from the first day.
I've got a job in the administration, after 6weeks waiting for all the procedures to be done. Finally I couldn't work with them with a one year contract as it was previewed. I created my own enterprise (called "white roman") and the administration chose my company to develope one of their projects during 1month. The idea was to start working with them in this way until I got a working visa to get the one year contract.

In the end of June, we had already booked our tickets to come back to spain for the weeding of our dear friend Miguel Valdes. And the question was... what we should do?? we go to spain and come back to new caledonia...very expensive; we stay here and we abort the trip to spain... no way... so.... we had to take a desicion. And we took it! (after 1 weeks throwing dishes over our heads between Camille and me)

Along your life you find people that changes your mind and gives you ideas to start new projects. One night, after the participation of Camille in Noumea´s Threeatlhon, we met a woman that has been traveling along south america last year.
As this trip to "Las Americas" has been in my mind for a long time, we decided that we could realize it.

We took the desicion to come back to europe. And here we are, in Tarragona, my hometown, looking for a job.

We modified our tickets to do some scales during our trip back: 2 days in Singapur, 10 days in Bali, 3 days in London and finaly 10 days in Andaluzia (the south of Spain) for the weeding of our friend and to visit Granada and Cordoba.

So... our friends, we are back!
We hope to post some photos soon.
Plenty of kisses to everybody and we wish to see you soon!

Camille & Jordi.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hello everybody!

After so long time without having news from us, Camille and me are still alive!

I will write in english because there is so too much people to translate it to spanish and french.

History of our trip:

For the people who doesn't know, I quite France and the lovely french riviera to begin a new adventure with my french girlfriend Camille.
We left our jobs, appartaments and friends and we decide to move somewhere around the world... and we chose farest place :D New Caledonia island.

**** Why this trip? ****
because we are young and wanted to meet a new culture and enviroment. We chose NC because they speak french as it is "a kind of french country".
For Camille, working as nurse, will be easier to find a job. And for me, I thought I will not have problems to find something related with computers.

**** The trip ****
Two main scales: Bangkok in Thailand and Sydney in Australia

11 hours flying from London to Bangkok in a huge Boing 747 with an excelent service by Qantas: good food, individual TV with plenty of new films, tv series, games, etc.

** Bangkok
Arriving to Bangkok we had to handle the jetlag :) tired during the day, and we couldn't sleep until 3 in the morning.
We had book a Deluxe room for 35 euros per night: large, with bathroom, very clean, satelite tv, full equiped and a huge buffet for breakfast!! The people in the hotel where very amable.

Lot's of intersting things surprised me from the capital of Thailand:
- Everybody has a smile in his face and the treat very politely. Comerciants want to trade with you, they try BUT they don't insist, not like in Spain, Turkey or Tunisia, where they don't leave you at all until they have sold you something.
- Everybody was very happy that you selected Thailand for your holidays. Lot of people asked us if we where celebrating our holy moon :)
- The huge and irregular grow of the city where you can find giant buildings close to a very poor area.
- The city is very poluated, with lot of taxis, tuk tuks and motos. With their crazy driving it is a funny expirence to take a tuk tuk.
- And the contrast.... the contrast between the polution and the noisy roads with the peacefull and extremly calm budism temples spread all around the city. Fantastic!
I could understand the spanish sentence: "un trabajo de chinos" for the high detail level of everything made for these temples: roofs, columns, the budas, scultres, walls... everything manually decorated!

It was a shame that we did't have time to go out from the city and visit the countryside in the north of Bangkok. Next time will be.

** Sydney
After 9 more hours flying we landed into Australia. After having some trubles with my Chorizos imported from Spain, we met my friend Frabrice, that I met in Grenoble when working for Bull and now living la vida loca in this great city that is Sydney.

We took a siesta, and then we went 3 days to the south to visit some of the wonderful places of Australia: large long beaches with white sand and some surfers and the BBQs (barbacoas) ! their extens national parks where we could drive through their forest, touch sauvage canguroos, see different types of coulored birds. I had the sansation to be in the middle of the wild nature.
We did 2 barbaques one of them where I prepared escalivada! :D
Next day we visited Sydney. Very nice city, clean, without homeless in the street because the government takes care of them, with less polution that Bangkonk.
We visited the Accuarium, the famous Opera, the city center with their big buildings.
Australia, magnifique place either to live or spend some months in holidays traveling around.

** And finally.... la Nouvelle Caledonie!!! **
The first aproach to NC was bad :S it was raining and our flight couldn't land the first time, no panic, the second try was fine.
We are living in a youth hostel and trying to find an appartment or studio, no easy task because there is a lot of people searching.
In two days, Camille found a good job in the main Hospital. My lovely Camille is a crack!
For me it is a little bit more complicated, because I need a special working visa in order to be able to work here. To get this visa I need a job contract, and then it can take between 1-3months to get this visa. Burocracy...
Even like that, I have started looking for job last Monday and was not bad!
I prepared my CV and the first 2 mails that I sent I have got 2 answer the same day!! 100% of effectivity. :)
I arranged a meeting with company one of these companies and figure out who was the manager of the company... a tunisian guy! jajaj hello my friend!
The tunisian wanted to take me as soon as possible, but he told me that for the visa will take 1 month at least. So I´m pending for his call back.
Yesterday I went to send another CV to the adminstration and... BINGO! they have an excellent to post to work as Software Architect! Oh my god!
They are very intersted in my profile, they will try to find somebody else next 2 weeks and with some chance... I will get an dream job and very well payed and working for the administration.
They offer a contract for 1 year to replace a guy. I will explain you more about this job if I get selected. Let's prai.

Yesterday, Camille and me celebrated that we have been 1 year together :)

Bon my friends and familly, we will miss you all and a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot!). Don't worry about us, everything is going well.
Internet connection is slow, so not a lot of pictures by now.

Hope everything is going well for you and to receive some news of what is being cooked up there: your plans, trips, what have happened, histories, etc...

We keep in touch!

Camille & Jordi.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trip to New Caledonia

After quitting our jobs and our beautiful Cote d'Azur in France,
Camille and me have decided to move to the other side of the world for a while :D

14 - 17 March -- Dublin

17 March -- London

18 -21 -- Bangkok

22 - 26 March -- Sydney

April May Juin in New Caledonia

25 June -- Back to Spain

If you want some information of New Caledonia check wikipedia info:

New Caledonia (english version)

Nouvelle Caledonie (francaise)

Nueva Caledonia (español)

We have reserved a room for 15 days in a young hostel in the capital, Noumea, where we will try to find a job and an appartment.

If somebody wants to come to vist us, buy your tickets soon before end of Juin!! (around 1300euros)

Hope to put some pictures soon my friends! Ciao!

Salutacions a tota la gent que segueix les meves aventures! Records a la penya de Flix! a la fàmili i a tots a totes!! Fins aviat!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello my friends!!

I think that a post each 3 months is not enough but as always, my live is a NON-STOP.

I will show some pictures from last months :

Rugby team of my enterprise. We played the final! We lost 2-1 winning the silver medal :D

Laura came to visit me and we went to discover a lovely place in Italy called Cinque Terre

Doing via ferrata

Trip to Andalucia visiting my friend Aga in Cordoba

And.. and after 4 years saying : - I will go to visit you (Luis) in Granada
(see more pictures in Flickr)

Swedish party in my house organized by Helena

We could enjoy with a pool party. Do you want to come to visit me? :D

Los flixancos de visita per Antibes

Feeling as Sultan in Turkey

Chris and Gunes weeding
(Chris is working in my team)

Randonnée a St Martin de la Vésubie

With Camille, my french girlfriend walking around : Lac de St Croix
Look at this beautiful see of lavanda! (Near Grasse)

Visit to my good Tunisian friend Fakher in Grenoble.
What are we eating? Clotxa!!

Kaiser Chief and Muse concert in Monaco

Summercase '07 B-R-U-T-A-L
2manydjs on the picture, Chemical Brothers, The Gossip, Scissor Sister,
Air, Felix da Housecat, Arcade fire, Kaiser Chief again... really good!
Don't miss it next year!

That's all by now. I hope to post very soon with more news about next trips!!

Remember! Love is all (as chemical say) Agur!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hello my friends!!

After more than 3 months without having news from me... Jordi is back!! alive!! and very very happy. Live is going well. I have been workin in France last 7months and i feel time passes very quickly.

En els últims mesos he estat fent un munt un munt de coses:
carnavals de Venécia
Amsterdam amb el meu colega brasileny
Cinque Terre amb la Laura
sortida a la muntanya
el meu aniversari
festes amb els amics
menjars a casa meva
wideboard amb una zodiac
festes de flix
Museu oceanogràfic de Mónaco
la platja
etc, etc, etc...

Com podeu veure amics meus, no tinc gaire temps per aburrir-me.
Voldria agrair a la Laura la seva vista,que em va fer molt il·lisió al ser la primera persona després dels meus pares que m´ha vingut a veure. A veure si els demés us animeu.

I would like to talk about my next planned trips!

16 - 27 may to Andalucía
to visit one of my best friends: Luis
and my lovely Agushu in Cordoba
30 june Istambul
I have been invited to a wedding in Turkey.
One collegue in my team is getting married.
In summer to Tunisia
to visit my good friend Fakher
Unscheduled trips (still pending)
I want to find a moment to visit Greece, with my magnific friends Vasso, pour Savas in the army now, Iannis in Cyprus, Iannis from Tessaloniki, and all the other malakas.
I want to go to visit Lluís Salvador in Zurich, maybe with Teo too. Last year was great.

M'agradaria felicitar a la meva mare un altre cop el seu aniversari. Felicitats mami!! MUAKS

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ending of 2007 in Copenhagen!

Heya my friends!! after this month with a lot of work (i didn´t work a lot during the first 2 months and we paid it this month xD ) Jordi is back!

Jordi is back it cannot be in another way than preparing his next trip :D this time an unexplored country called Denmark! The first idea was to go to the south of Spain, to Granada and visit one of my best friends, Luis, that has been living there for 4 years and is still waiting my visit. Don´t panic Luis! I'll come soon!

So Luis pruposed me to go Copenhagen due to a Ryanair offer (Madrid - Copenhagen for 30euros go and come back!) .

And I loved the way that we did it:

Luis called me: Jordi.. you know.. we are think about to go to Denmark with some friends for the end of the year, do you want to come?

Jordi : ummmmm how much does it cost?

Luis : 30 euros taxes included.

Jordi : ummm who is it coming?

Luis : some of my friends in Granada and me.

Jordi : ummmm do I have to decided now?

Luis : yes, today is the last day to buy the tickets.

Jordi : ok.. add to the list then :D

So this is Jordi!! oleeeee! I love crazy planning!

Are you planning a trip?
Nobody joins?
JUST CALL Jordi!!!

0033 650 80 47 78

Next trip : Carnaval of
Purposed dates : weekend 18th and 19th of February 2007

Hereafter some info of my friend Angel that purposed the idea to go: (in Spanish sorry)

Official Website:

Para seguir, te paso algunas webs donde puedes ver el Carnaval "in situ" y tener un feeling de lo que es. Los trajes y las movidas. Está curradísimo. Te tronchas de los trajes. Seguro que uno no se aburre allí y unas risas te las echas. Akí tienes:
http://www.phototravels.net/venice/index.html .

Fotos de Venecia en general y en el centro de la Home Page la sección especial de fotos del Carnaval. (Seguro que está web enamora a tus putillas jejej)
http://www.cheapvenice.com/photos-venice-carnival.htm Fotos del Carnaval del año pasado.
Te paso también la web de la agencia que organiza el baile de máscaras que estamos pensando en ir. Por si os da el puntazo de quedaros el domingo también y veniros a la fiesta. Este es el link de las fotos de años anteriores.
Por último existen un cojón de webs de trajes de Venecia. Para alquilar y vender. No se qué intenciones tendrás sobre el disfraz pero si kieres te las paso. Como mínimo te doy esta que es sobre venta de máscaras Venecianas por Internet. Muy currado tambien.

My friends.... Non stop! this is my advice!

That´s all my friends... I have to say that I miss you a lot. For the people that still don´t know, you must come to visit me, I'm living in Antibes (France), between Cannes and Nice. I´m waing for you in spring or summer, with my swimming pool, my friends, my playmates, lot´s of fiesta and me :D

To say good bye I leave some pictures for you! Ciao my friends!!

Cannes Beach : La croissette
Do you want to visit me for the Film Festival?
Reserve your place at my home xD

Party with the american friends (the girls :P)
By orther: me Fouad, Sarah, Julie and Gregorio

Trip to San Remo, in Italy
was really beautiful sunday to stay in home.. so we said.. let´s go to Italy!

For the end.. a wallpaper. This photo was took in the highway coming back home some days ago.

I was missing something! like always...
A tribute to my family! Last week was my father´s birthday.. and I forgot it.. yes I know, I'm horrible bla bla bla.. this was my mother was telling to me.
So to repair my mistake I toke my car with my frien Gregorio, the mexican guy, and we travel 7 hours along the highway to my town, Tarragona, to give a surprise to my parents!

Was a really grateful surprise for them, specialy for my father who really loved :D
On sunday I could meet my family. Here some pictures :

When to lunch all together to : El Club Nautic was our first time there. It´s a restuarant next to the see with good views. As you can see, the weather was perfect, around 20º and sunny, unbeliable for being in November.

From left to right :

Pili and my 2nd brother Ignasi : everybody says that Ignasi is the brother that I have more similitudes with. I also think the same ;)

Marta : Feranando's daughter, my big niece, Marta! stop growing up! I know you will be great

Marc : Ignasi´s son, my big nephew. He is like my small brother, he is 23yo. We grew up together. If some girl is interested in him contact me, and we will see :D

Fernando : my big brother.

Ainoa : turned in the picture, is Ignasi and Pili´s daughter.

In the second picture:

Gregorio : my friend from DF, Mexico!

Ramon : my father, very happy.

Maria Rosa : my mother, also very happy to have the family joined.

Blanca : my small niece, daughter of Ignasi and Pili. She is delicious, she smiles all the time. I miss your sweet smile Blanca!

Maria : the sister of Marta and daughter of Fernando and Rosa....

Rosa? where is Rosa? i will put another picture for her.
Better like this :D

But... we miss someone!!! Albertusssss my last brother... the bass player, the musician of the family. Let's take a picture from his website:

Albert in action (in the right)

And with this I finish the tribute to my family. Thank you everybody, I miss you a lot my friends. I love you a lot, all of you.

contact me : jordi.anguela AT gmail.com

"What you give will become your best treasure"